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Furnace safety inspection


The inspection and tune up of furnace is as important as the installation of furnace itself. A slight mishap in the furnace which is not detected can lead to a number of accidents and unforeseen situation. As such, in order for safety standards to be ensured it is absolutely vital to make sure that the furnace is inspected and tuned up so that any fault or problem in the furnace is detected and fixed as soon as possible.

BC HEATCO is a highly efficient and effective company in carrying out a proper inspection and tune up of a furnace and with the help of their certified and expert technicians carries out this task to perfection.



Furnace inspection and tune up:

One of the major services that we provide is furnace inspection and tune up. After installing a furnace in your homes or commercial buildings, regular servicing and maintenance of the furnace is very important for long life and better working of the furnace. We believe that a furnace which is regularly serviced is a safe furnace. Even the fire department and the furnace manufacturing companies suggest the customers to get their furnaces serviced and tuned up at least once a year. Our skilled, experienced and certified technicians expertise in furnace inspection and thoroughly inspect everything from air ducts to electrical circuit, ignition system, electrical safety, carbon monoxide emission level, gas leaks and many other important points.




How do we work?

Firstly we offer our customers with a free no obligation estimate of the total cost of the furnace inspection and tune up process. Then we send a home comfort and customer friendly as well as certified gas technician to the customer’s house to thoroughly inspect the furnace, and notes down all the needs and requirements that are needed to tune up the furnace and then give budget estimation to the customers. And then finally the take up all the necessary information together and pull out the best inspection service for the customer’s furnace. The advisor also provides withthe information about the current tax and rebate incentives which make the process even simpler and convenient. Then we send our best technicians to check the furnace and tune it up to make its life even longer.

Our company guarantees 100 % satisfaction to its customers. Not only this, our company is also very concerned about the environment and try to use the most efficient and eco friendly equipments.


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